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Your creativity can be tapped and Anna will show you how to find your creative genius and how to use it for your success. Anna Donahue is one of the 2% of artists who actually make a living on their art. As a professional artist she works on community projects and joins with the public to share concepts and engage people in the conversation about art.

Speaking Topics


Discover your brand and learn how to use it creatively to enhance your business and your personal awareness. Learn the step by step process of creating a brand and how artwork and creative thinking can be used to promote your brand.

                Key Takeaways

    • How to tap your branding identity
    • How to use your creative ideas to influence others
    • Learn the value of your brand


Creativity is something that we all process and need to learn how to use effectively. Find out how to tap your creative genius and use it to propel yourself to success and influence the people you care about.

                Key Takeaways

    • How to use your creativity for success
    • Understanding your creative genius
    • How to live creatively and influence your colleagues and clients


Artist entrepreneurs can be anyone who is willing to tap their creativity to reach the top. If you are an entrepreneur, you need to be creative and learn how to use your creative ideas and talents in your business. As a successful Artist Entrepreneur for over 25 years, Anna will share her success model.

                Key Takeaways

    • Learn how creativity can grow your business.
    • Find the value of your creativity and how to monetize it in your business.
    • Learn ways to take old methods and turn them into new ideas.


The arts are changing the face of business today by influencing branding and image. I will tell you what you need to know abut the changes and how to implement them in your work.

                Key Takeaways

  • Using art as part of your image strategy
  • How to take advantage of new advances in the arts.
  • 3 ways to put art to work for your business


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