Public Art

[fourcol_three]The public square is the most vulnerable place for an artist to exhibit but it is also the most exciting. Working with my team to achieve a goal is a challenge that I welcome and enjoy.

The purpose of the public space and how the artwork will enhance the user’s experience is the first priority when designing a new project. I work with the client along with other professionals to find solutions to fit the criteria.

Professionals like architects and Building Code Specialists are an important asset and I depend on their expertise and wisdom.

I have worked on bronze and steel sculptures for free standing public displays in parks or interior areas. Preparations like cement padding, landscaping and lighting are incorporated into the design plan.

Other works include dimensional murals painted on multi-level panels and murals painted directly on wall surfaces, both interior and exterior.

The most important part of success for me is having flexibility with the original design so that the artwork can be successfully installed and exhibited safely with the user experience in mind.

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