Artistic Color Consulting

Anna Donahue loves color and as an artist and a licensed painting contractor, she is a pro at finding the perfect paint color for both interior and exterior applications. “Color consulting is one of my favorite jobs but for many it’s a mystery. For me, putting colors together to create ambiance is like painting a beautiful picture.”

This sounds easy for Anna but there is a science behind color consulting and you will need help if you want professional results.

Many things make a difference with how a color will be perceived in a certain room:

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  • Ceiling height
  • Type of lighting
  • Window size
  • Room shape and size
  • Architecture style


Other important factors include how the paint colors selected will reflect light. This is referred to as LRV or Light Reflective Value.  Understanding the Psychology of color and how it affects us is also part of the equation.

If you want results the first time around with no worries about paint color selection ask Anna for help.

The Process

  • Anna Donahue will come to your location to take a site survey.
  • Your preferences, style and use of the spaces are reviewed.
  • Colors are chosen and a spreadsheet is drawn up for you and your contractor or painter.
  • Everything needed will be included like the brand of paint suggested, the sheen level, the specific type of paint, and the color names and numbers.
  • You will also receive color swatches of each paint color and a diagram showing the painter each wall and color application.

Contact Anna now to schedule!

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