[threecol_two]Murals today are a popular way to add an interesting design element to both interior and exterior surfaces. Any artwork that is painted directly on a wall or other large permanent surface is called a mural. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of being selected to create detailed murals in both public places and private residences.

I work with designers from the start of a project to create a design that achieves the creative goals in a space, while working harmoniously with the other architectural elements of that space. The colors, style and subject manner can all be customized to uniquely reflect the individuality of the space, fulfilling the creative goals whether working within a public, corporate or residential setting. Murals are then completed with varnish or glaze to protect the works from UV exposure and surface damage.

Corporate Murals

Adding murals to a corporate setting allow a company to uniquely display their brand while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a space to provide a sense of creativity and inspiration. Often times, the incorporation of art in a corporate setting can add to employee satisfaction and increase productivity or draw attention to a storefront.

Public Murals

Public murals bring art and culture into the public sphere, frequently used to create a sense of welcoming and appeal. Art in public places brings art outside into the everyday environment where anyone entering the space can enjoy it. It can create a sense of connection to the surrounding community or provide a welcoming and calming effect especially important in schools, hospitals and retirement homes.

Residential Murals

In a home, murals can change the environment into an imaginative and creative place from living rooms and foyers to kitchens and common spaces. In a children’s bedroom or playroom, a mural transforms the space into a world of fantasy and can be created to fit the unique style and preferences of any home owner.

The Process

  • Anna will meet with you for a consultation.
  • A site survey is taken with observations and recommendations.
  • Your concepts are reviewed and along with my art knowledge the springboard to creating an original mural begins.
  • A time frame is determined.
  • Design sketches and layout for the proposed mural is presented.
  • Approval from all parties is required before a contract is signed.
  • A mural contract includes labor, materials and any other expenses to complete the project.
  • As a professional project manager, Anna handles all details and supervises the project to completion.



Notable Murals:

  • Panera Bread, Downtown Grand Rapids Skywalk, MI
  • “Soaring,” LifeStream Church, Allendale, MI
  • Jude’s Barbershop, more than 20 locations, MI
  • Dining Room, Rest Haven Homes, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI
  • Residential, Wilcox Estate, Grand Rapids Symphony Design Home, East Grand Rapids, MI
  • Westside Christian School, Grand Rapids, MI[/threecol_one_last]


Sunday Afternoon in West Michigan

Sunday Afternoon in West Michigan

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