[threecol_two]When designing a space the colors, furniture, lighting, textures and artwork all work together as details of a harmonious composition. Anna understands you have specific goals and ideas about the space you are creating and will work with you to achieve your goals, while integrating art that will enhance the environment.

Paintings can be created to serve as a focal point in your design or simply a complementary piece in your composition. Certain painting techniques can also be used to provide interest and dimension to various architectural elements or accents on furniture.

Anna has classical training and she is commissioned for a variety of painting applications from acrylic on stretched canvas, hanging canvas tapestries, and custom artwork on furniture and floors.

Her extensive background allows for flexibility to work in any style and subject that you need to meet your goals. Her work includes still life, landscape paintings, faux painting, trompe l’oeil, decorative art, and contemporary street art.

“One of my favorite projects was painting a landscape from an area in southeast Kent County. The customer planned to build on the land and wanted a landscape to place above the mantel. We met on the property and took a walk around as I took several photos. I asked about their favorite attributes and took notes on specific elements that were important to them. Back in the studio I recreated the scene on canvas and worked the different elements into the painting. There was no photograph that perfectly mimicked the painting but the image was what the client asked for they were very pleased.”

Anna’s Philosophy

Anna enjoys creating works of art that are both unique and reflective – a combination sought by both individuals and companies looking to enhance their environments through the integration of art. Producing art on commission requires a collaborative relationship between the artist and the client. Communication and flexibility are key ingredients to a successful outcome and Anna will work with you to achieve the painting you envision. [/threecol_two][threecol_one_last]Custom painting floor


Canvas Floor Cloth: This is a heavy canvas rug that is custom sized and hand painted with a custom design. The maintenance is the same as any hard surface flooring and the canvas is finished with a durable acrylic varnish. Floor Cloths have a long life and can be maintained for years.

The Cello Sounds Like This: Acrylic painting on canvas, 54″ x 54″

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Clay Pots: Acrylic painting on canvas, 48″ x 48″

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Great Blue Heron: Acrylic on plaster, 60″ x 60″

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