[threecol_two]Sculpture refers to any three-dimension visual art piece. Sculpture opens the integration of art to areas in your design that otherwise couldn’t be reached with art, including lobbies, table tops, gardens and outdoor spaces.

As three-dimensional applications, sculpture provides a unique method for the surrounding community to connect and engage with art – a public dialogue rooted in the concept or idea that is represented in the sculpture.

Types of Sculpture

Traditional sculpture was creating through carving or modeling a variety of materials including stone, metal, ceramics and wood. In the 21st century, however, sculpture has come to include welding and assembly of an even wider array of materials including, but not limited to glass, metal, stone, plastic and other found objects.

The Process

  • A site survey is taken with design and size requirements.
  • A discussion of the space and goals of the design will lead to the concept.
  • The next step will be to work through the development process using a series of sketches, drawings and maquettes- small-sized, three-dimensional models.
  • Once approved the sculpture production will begin with Anna’s close project management.
  • Installation of the finished artwork completes the project.



Notable Sculptures:

    • “Rain,” Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, Grand Rapids, MI
    • “Kanoa – garden sculpture,” Available for Sale, Grand Rapids, MI
    • “Face Me:Art Being,” ArtPrize Entry 2011, Allendale, MI


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